Dr. Dave Barz, Freelance Contributor

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After graduation from Iowa State’s Veterinary School in the spring of ’74, an energetic naive Iowa farm boy brought his new bride to practice veterinary medicine in Mitchell, South Dakota. In 1976, we moved to a Tripp, SD farm to raise our children in a rural atmosphere. A clinic was established in Parkston, SD with haul-in facilities and Northwest Veterinary Supply began.

Forty-five years later, I still enjoy my practice, the area, my clients and especially my grandchildren. I prefer to work with large animals in a rural family farm situation. We have always promoted new management strategies and production records. “Without knowing where we’ve been, how can we plot our future!” Rural Veterinary medicine is undergoing rapid change. Together we can utilize change to provide opportunity and improve the economic efficiency of our herds.

“Healthier profits ‘til the cows come home!”

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