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Rafter T Angus Annual Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: Jan. 8, 2022

Location: Buffalo Livestock Auction- Buffalo, Wyoming

Auctioneer: Kyle Shobe


40 Bulls – $5,325

A nice break in the bitter cold weather was on order for the Annual Rafter T Angus Bull Sale, held Jan. 8, 2022 at Buffalo Livestock Auction-Buffalo, Wyoming. Kim and Kale Kretschman and family pride themselves on a program built around outstanding customer service and cattle with a strong genetic foundation. Congratulations on a great sale!

Lot 1 at $15,000, RTA RESILIENT 172, DOB 1/31/22, #20178917, SITZ RESILIENT 10208 x LC DECLARATION 1710, Sold to Rob Goodman, Kyle, South Dakota

Lot 17 at $9,750, RTA STUNNER 170, DOB 2/1/21, #20178913, B/D RICE STUNNER 9064 x S CHISUM 255, Sold to Shane & Rori Coats, Recluse, Wyoming

Lot 2 at $8,000, RTA RESILIENT 1157, DOB 2/24/21, #20183725, SITZ RESILIENT 10208 x SAV PROVIDENCE 6922, Sold to Dennis Edwards, Gillette, Wyoming

Lot 41 at $7,750, RTA HOMEGROWN 181, DOB 2/13/21, #20178923, ELLINGSON HOMEGROWN 6035 x RTA CAPTAIN MORGAN 40, Sold to Mountain Valley Livestock, Douglas, Wyoming

Lot 16 at $7,500, RTA STUNNER 175, DOB 2/21/21, #20178900, B/D RICE STUNNER 9064 x NITZ RIGHT TIME 6557, Sold to Jacci Tracy, New Castle, Wyoming

Lot 4 at $7,250, RTA RESILIENT 162, DOB 1/31/21, #20178915, SITZ RESILIENT 10208 x SAV RESOURCE 1441, Sold to Travis & Dalton Hurst, Buffalo, South Dakota

Good Disposition is a main focus at Rafter T Angus.
Zane Kretschman leads the audience in the pledge of allegiance to start the sale.
Customers look over the bulls in the pen.


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