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Picking a Good One: Caseys Pick

January 3, 2019

When Chad and Mindy Hubert’s stallion, Cee Heart Taylor, died unexpectedly in 2015, they started looking for a stallion that would enhance the mare band they’d built up.  After a visit to the 6666’s Ranch...

Whitaker makes history with rodeo’s Linderman Award

January 3, 2019

Nebraska cowboy Kyle Whitaker has done something that has never been done before.  The Chambers, Neb. man has won ten Linderman Awards.  The Linderman Award is a pro rodeo award given to the cowboy who...

From humble beginnings come great things: Genuinelil Moonshine

January 3, 2019

Unless a stallion owner is handed down the business, complete with three or more well-bred, well-built, well-mannered, already-advertised stallions, 10 to 20 broodmares that are the perfect fit for aforementioned stallions, a large indoor arena...

The Right Fit: Getting a horse ready for sale

January 3, 2019

It’s January in South Dakota. Odds are, the mercury has dropped below zero more than once in the last few months, and the horses have adapted appropriately, growing their own blanket to ward off the...

Mare Power & Casey’s Ladylove

January 3, 2019

The quest for a top-selling horse begins long before that foal is born. In an industry where broodmares sometimes sell for less than the cost of a single stud fee, it’s easy to get distracted...

O’Donnell Quarter Horses build barrel horses

January 19, 2018

Tim and Mary O’Donnell, their son Cody and daughter Amber have been involved with horses their whole lives. Family and horses are the two most important components of their Quarter Horse breeding/training operation near Cardwell,...

Johnson Ranch: From the plow to the track

January 19, 2018

He forfeited a plow and the fertile soil of the Red River Valley for the open range and cowboy’s life in northwestern South Dakota. At the age of 14, the son of Norwegian immigrants, Oscar...

Bob Johnson builds racehorses in South Dakota

December 19, 2017

Bob Johnson has raced horses from New Mexico to Minnesota, California to Oklahoma.   But the plains of western South Dakota remain home, and the favorite place to be for the professional racehorse trainer, no matter...

Bridget Romey: A Rocky Road to Recovery

November 19, 2017

As the shines its brilliant rays during the last few minutes of the day before darkness descends, Bridget Romey uncinches her buckskin gelding and pulls off the saddle. She unwraps his boots while he munches...