Day Writing by Heather Hamilton-Maude: Filling the Vessels

More than a decade ago, I found myself working at the Clovis Livestock Auction, in New Mexico. While the sale barn was fascinating with its southern U.S. cattle combined with a heavy dose of dairy and a dash of Mexican critters, the part that really impacted me occurred before each sale.

Every Wednesday morning, about fifteen minutes prior to the first lot being sold, the owner, auctioneers, ring men, several of the pen workers and most of the office staff gathered in an office for a Bible study. It was lead by a handful of people, one being Steve Friskup.

After a brief message, prayer requests were taken, and the group bowed their heads. If it went long, everyone in the building knew why. Some might step in and join, others waited patiently in their seats or the café.

Several months back, Steve began a daily Bible study on Facebook, called, “Coffee with the Colonel.” He has the gift of delivering a to-the-point message about God in under five minutes, and I have enjoyed the handful I have listened to. A few days back, I clicked on his message to hear him say he was gathering the cups, and that all were welcome to join him that night for a live message and prayer session for our nation.

We listened in.

Steve talked about being called to read about the filling of the vessels with oil in 2 Kings, Chapter 4, and after reading it over and over asking God what he was to do with that information. God reminded him oil is representative of the Holy Spirit, and told him the vessels are full, bring them together, which lead to the organization of the meeting we listened in on.

Steve spoke about how God does his best work when things are impossible for man. How we all need to hold hard to our faith, rebuild our alters, and prepare for the Lord to do his mighty work. We need to ask him to prepare judgment, starting with the church, and the righteous.

He touched on the fact that God let Lazarus stay dead long enough to stink. Stink bad. How He feels that is where we are at in America. We are at the point it is starting to really stink. But, it has to get that way in order to reach a state of absolute human impossibility. That is when God’s great work can not only be done, but turn many hearts and minds either toward him, or back toward him.

Then, this morning I read Luke, Chapter 15, which includes three parables; one about leaving the 99 sheep to find one, another about the woman who sought her single lost piece of silver, and the third about the prodigal son.

If you want something to catch your attention, I recommend looking up Muleshoe Fellowship on Facebook or Google, and listening to Steve’s Nov. 8 message, then reading Luke, Chapter 15.

Truly and actively living as Christians is the only way we win this battle, regardless of the ultimate winner of the election.