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FSA Programs Explained: Prevent plant

The weather doesn’t seem to always want to cooperate with my intentions. I should plan rainy day activities as a backup for my sunny day activities, because it never fails to rain when I have a laundry list of chores to accomplish outside. While many of my activities can usually wait for another day, farmers wanting to plant crops cannot wait. If you had every intention of planting a specific crop, but the weather made different plans, you should consider filing for prevent plant with the Farm Service Agency.

Filing for prevent planting allows farmers to get credit for planting history on the farm that may be used in determining eligibility for future farm programs, such as the Conservation Reserve Program. For those farmers that signed up for the Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program and chose coverage for the specific crop that was prevented, filing a prevent plant provides for the initial Notice of Loss for filing a claim.

When filing for prevent plant, farmers should be able to provide evidence of their intentions to plant. Whereas providing such evidence may not initially be required, FSA County Committees may and usually request such documentation such as seed purchase receipts or other expenses incurred in order to prove that the farmer had the ability and intentions to plant the crop claimed as prevented. Farmland that has not been prepared for crop planting is not usually eligible for prevent planting claims.

Filing prevent plant with the Farm Service Agency does not substitute for filing a prevent plant claim with your crop insurance. Also, filing for prevent plant with your crop insurance does not automatically suffice for filing for prevent plant with the Farm Service Agency. Crop insurance and the Risk Management Agency have their own set of rules and procedure for handling prevent plant claims. If you were prevented from planting any of your crops, you should consult your crop insurance agent in addition to filing for prevent plant with the Farm Service Agency.

Farmer’s may file for prevent plant within 15 days after the final plant date for the crop. For the 2011 crop year, South Dakota has been granted approval to accept prevent plant claims up to July 15, 2011. Coincidentally, this is the same deadline for filing your crop report.

james neill is the county executive director for the meade county farm service agency in sturgis, sd, and can be contacted at james.neill@sd.usda.gov. specific questions regarding your farm should be directed to your local farm service agency service center. if you are interested in staying up to date on information about crop reporting and farm service agency program deadlines, check out south dakota farm service agency’s “go green” initiative. simply log onto the south dakota farm service agency’s web site at http://www.fsa.usda.gov and click on “state offices” on the top of the page and select south dakota on the map. there you will find a link to the south dakota’s “go green initiative” where you can sign up to receive e-mail updates about farm programs and fsa information.


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