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Made in the USA : CattleVacBox

By Maria Tibbetts, Digital and Sections Editor

As with most innovation, it was a problem without a good solution that prompted the development of the CattleVacBox in 2017. Darla Bramwell is a fourth-generation Colorado rancher who saw the investment her family put into vaccine, and knew there had to be a better way to take care of it.

Since vaccine breaks down in sunlight and warm temperatures, they were looking for a solution that would allow them to quickly and easily store vaccine and vaccine guns when they weren’t being used.

“The founder was finding that without a way to keep her vaccines cool they were losing their effectiveness, and putting her herd at risk,” said Sean Boyer, head of product development at CattleVacBox.

They decided there was a better way to keep the vaccine organized and sorted, creating the signature inset, divided tray that sets the CattleVacBox apart and keeps the vaccines sorted and close at hand.

The prototype for the CattleVacBox started with a drink cooler and a fishing tray. “We weren’t able to find a vaccine cooler on the market that fit our needs and solved the problems we were having,” Boyer said. “So that’s where we started–what would be included and necessary in the ultimate vaccine cooler?”

Friends and neighbors saw the prototype and started asking about where to get one. “It clicked. We knew we needed to make the CattleVacBox a reality and available to all those who vaccinate livestock,” Boyer said.

CattleVacBox holds patents in the USA and Canada. Photos courtesy CattleVacBox

When they got to the production phase, the founders knew they wanted the United States flag on the label. “Being ranchers, having a product created and made in the USA was extremely important. More than that, it needed to stand up and be durable in extreme conditions of every kind. The CattleVacBox was created by ranchers, for ranchers.”

Right now the company is in research and development mode for several add-on products to their CattleVacBox. They offer two sizes of coolers, the Junior and the Boss. They also offer custom engraving on the coolers to personalize and identify whose cooler is whose. “This is a huge hit,” Boyer said. “We can’t wait to share what innovations and add-ons we have in development.”


Customer feedback

Boyer says, “The feedback about the CattleVacBox has been outstanding. People absolutely love them and cannot wait to spread the word about CattleVacBox. The CVB was rececntly spotted in NatGEO Wild with @docsbenanderin in the Heartland Docs using the Boss.”

Here are some other customer reviews from social media:

• “Used our #cattlevacbox for the first time yesterday to work calves, it helps keep us organized and makes the process so much more streamlined. Every operation needs one, cannot recommend highly enough! ⭐️” @rollinghillswa,

• “This year, [they] gave me a Christmas gift I didn’t even know I wanted or existed, for that matter. They gave me a CattleVacBox for organizing our vaccinating supplies. It’s easy to keep vaccines cold and convenient to keep tools straight in the removable tray. We’re pretty happy with *his* gift. Also, I’m not an influencer in any shape or form, but love supporting American farm and ranch businesses, especially when their products are made in the USA!” @gilkisonfarm

• Check out this personalized The Boss livestock vaccine cooler hard at work. “It kept all our syringes and medicines cold, along with plenty of room for all our branding tools.” Thanks for sharing, @pasamontehunts

• “Can’t say enough good things about the customer service and product! Will be sharing this box as much as possible so there are more ranches with them! Thank you CattleVacBox! “

– Agnes Black

• “Fast, friendly service, prompt shipping and delivery. So far a great product, as my herd grows I’ll need to up-size my box.”

– Lloyd Hoover


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