My commitment to the 4-H life

These past two years of 4-H have been something that I would have never expected. Most people look at 4-H as just county fairs which can be fun if it’s not crazy hot. In reality, it is so much more than that. 4-H’ers are able to do so many different things other than showing animals at the county fair. It seems like there are 100 things to do. There is a list at the Butte Lawrence County Extension office. 

Some of the different things I’ve done is theater though informational tri-folds and presentations but also through the 2022 South Dakota 4-H Performing Art Troupe (P.A.). P.A. was something that I never knew was a thing. Though, once I found out about it, I was so glad that I did. With the help of the Redwater Youth Leadership Fund, I was able to join many people from around the state, ages 13-18, at Northern State University in Aberdeen where we learned a play for a week then performed it at the South Dakota State Fair in Huron.


While I was at the state fair, I interviewed for a position on the 2023 South Dakota 4-H State Ambassador and got it. I’m really excited for this year as ambassador. Though, I don’t know what I’m in for, but that’s part of the fun. Along with being an ambassador, I’m also the treasurer for Butte and Lawrence County Junior Leaders. Junior Leaders are 4-Hers 13-18 that help with a variety of things at the county level including hosting the annual county awards ceremony. While I may always do leadership roles, I know there are many other things in 4-H that allow for more exploration for everyone.

By Wyatt Lesmeister 
South Dakota State 4-H Leadership Ambassador