Nebraska Cattlemen Select Priority Bills for the 2022 Legislative Session

LINCOLN, NE (January 28, 2022) -The Nebraska Cattlemen Board of Directors met this week in Lincoln for their annual legislative committee meeting. Nebraska Cattlemen’s six policy committees researched, discussed, and prioritized bills, resolutions, and constitutional amendments introduced by the Nebraska Legislature.

In accordance with Nebraska Cattlemen Policy, the Board of Directors considered and took positions on 105 measures and identified four bills as priorities for the second half of the 107th Nebraska legislative session.

The Nebraska Cattlemen Natural Resources and Environment committee prioritized LB 953, introduced by Senator J. Cavanaugh. This bill amends Nebraska’s open burning statute to provide a limitation on liability for land management burns which are conducted according to a burn permit issued by a local fire department. This committee also prioritized LB 1160, introduced by Senator Wishart. This bill would appropriate $10 million to the Department of Environment and Energy to provide grants for small and rural communities to install reverse osmosis systems where drinking water test levels that are above ten parts per million with nitrates.

The Taxation committee took a supportive stance and prioritized LB 723, brought forth by Senator Briese. With unprecedented levels of state revenue since the adoption of LB 1107, the Nebraska Property Tax Incentive fund has grown to $548 million. LB 723 would place a floor under current the current fund level, preventing the fund from decreasing to $375 million in 2024.

Lastly, the Marketing and Commerce committee supports, with prioritization, LB 783 by Senator Groene. This bill would appropriate $75 million to the Department of Economic Development for the beef processing industry. Nebraska Cattlemen continues to support expanding Nebraska’s beef cattle processing sector to enhance supply chain resiliency and increase market competition.

“The Nebraska Cattlemen legislative committee had a robust, in-depth conversation while reviewing over one hundred legislative measures,” said Steve Hanson, Chairman – Nebraska Cattlemen Legislative Committee. “This conversation and debate led to positions on bills that were in line with Nebraska Cattlemen policy.”

For more information about a specific priority for Nebraska Cattlemen, please call the Nebraska Cattlemen office at 402.475.2333.

–Nebraska Cattlemen

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