Pre-fabricated buildings offer ranchers quick options for calving barns |

Pre-fabricated buildings offer ranchers quick options for calving barns

Hoop barns can be created in any size, such as this 56 by 180 foot barn. Photo courtesy ClearSpan

A wise rancher once said, “Cattle don’t need much – just feed, water and protection.”

You’ve got the feed and the water. If you’ve been thinking of updating the “protection” element for the new babies due this spring, check out some of the options available in this area.

Cow Country Equipment

Gary Martin

Rapid City, South Dakota

Calving Barn Features

• Metal Frame

• Metal siding (29-gauge thickenss)

• Several colors available

• Metal-framed interior

• Stalls made of portable panels

• Approximately $18/square foot


• Three-sided

• Available in 12 x 20, 30, 40 and 50 feet

• Can be enclosed

• Panel pens are included for each section (two gates with a divider)

• The 50-foot building contains 5, 10 x 12-foot pens

• Optional 20-foot solid panel wings at each end to funnel cows into the barn and provide a windbreak

• Together the barn and wings offer up to 90 feet of protection

• Optional overhang on the open side

• Optional enclosed room

• On 4 x 6-inch rectangular metal skids that are incorporated into the structure, allowing it to be moved easily with a tractor, skid steer or truck

Enclosed building

• 15-foot, 8 inches wide by either 40 or 50 feet long

• Includes a 5-foot alleyway in front of the pens, under the roof and enclosed

• 10-foot sliding doors–one in the front and one in the back,forming an alley to put the cows through

• Gates inside the building are 10-foot panels with 5-foot gates

• Optional calving pen with a quarter turn alley like a tub, with a headgate

• Two enclosed sheds can be placed together to create a barn with a 10-foot aisle down the middle.

“We can also custom build special barns to suit someone’s needs. We have a fellow who is doing a dinosaur dig on his ranch, and we created a building just for him. He needed to enclose this particular spot for the winter, where he was digging. It gave him shelter to dig in,” says Martin.

Daniels Manufacturing

Kade Blake

Ainsworth, Nebraska

Calving Barn Features

• Open-fronts

• Enclosed barns

• 24 to 56 feet long

• All on skids

• Sections are bolted together

• Smaller ones can be pulled with a pickup, bigger ones require a tractor

• Fit through most gates

• 12 feet wide at the bottom, 16 to 18 feet wide at the top

• 24-foot barns have two or three pens

• 56-foot barn has seven pens

• Pen size is 10 x 12, but is customizable, and can be reconfigured on-site

• Available pulling alley with a head catch and nurse gates

• Two open-front barns can be combined with a peak roof in the middle, creating a barn with stalls down each side and an 8-foot alley down the middle, which can be divided into stalls if needed

• Pricing depends on the size and options. These are some examples

• 32 x 24 foot enclosed – 6 pens – $19,610

• 32 x 32 foot enclosed – 8 pens – $23,136

• 32 x 40 foot enclosed – 10 pens $27,535

• 32 x 48 foot enclosed – 12 pens $31,500

• 32 x 56 foot enclosed – 14 pens $36,326

• Custom barns in permanent locations are available

“We can build and design around just about anything,” Blake says.

“Most of our customers want portable barns because they like to be able to change calving pastures. With those, we build everything here; the customer doesn’t have to put anything together. We have trailers we haul them on. If it’s a full calving barn we bolt the sections together after get there.”

Go Bob Pipe

Jimmy Ray, sales representative

Manufactured in Oklahoma, distributing center in Kansas, can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.

Calving Barn Features

• Sizes vary from 12 x 12 to 12 x24

• Stalls are made of portable panels and headgates can be installed

• Options include

• Dropdown front (to keep out wind and snow)

• Liner panel or back-up bumper for inside the barn, to keep the cows from bumping through the metal sides

• Liner panels available in plywood or steel

• Can combine barns with a breezeway between for a full barn with pens down both sides

• Priced as low as $10.42 per square foot (not including shipping)

Engineering Services and Products

Zack Hummel, advertising and public relations specialist

This is a manufacturing company that provides supplies to outlets like FarmTek and ClearSpan Fabric Construction

Calving barn features

• Abundance of natural light provides a stress-free, healthy environment for livestock

• Frame made of triple galvanized steel tubing

• White UV-resistant polyethylene cover keeps the building cool in summer and warmer in winter

• Sold without end panels, which can be purchased separately, with roll-up doors

• End frame kits and panels keep out harsh weather, while offering natural ventilation and maximum airflow

• Creates a healthy, comfortable environment that aids in moisture removal, draft control and natural ventilation.

• Super Moo-Tel structure has two heavy-duty steel roll-up doors–one at each end–and two end-frame kits for greater durability and longer life

• Smaller units have a pull rope handle and the larger doors have a chain hoist

• Priced as low as $2.60 per square foot.

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