Richard Angus 6th Annual Production Sale |

Richard Angus 6th Annual Production Sale

Richard Angus bull buyers.

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: Dec. 13, 2019

Location: At the ranch, south of Belfield, ND

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar


104 Coming 2 Year Old Angus Bulls avg. $5,018

233 Commercial Bred Heifers avg. $1,630

What a great sale for the Richard family. Brandon and Emily with their young family along with Byron and Kathy Richard presented a great set of aged bulls for sale. The heated sale arena was packed with new and repeat buyers that came to purchase bulls and bred heifers. Richard Angus has a feeder calf buyback program for their bull customers and most of the bred heifers in the sale the result of that program.

Top selling bulls:

Lot 92, Richard Solution 8326, a 4/18 son of KG Solution, epds CED 11, BW -1.1, WW 63, YW 119, Milk 17 to Mangen Angus, Broadus, MT for $18,500.

Lot 116, Richard Everlast 8293, 4/18 son of Mohnen Everlast 1006, epds CED -2 BW 3.8 WW 86 YW 148 to SD buyer for $13,000.

Lot 4, Richard Cowboy Up 8076, 3/18 son of HA Cowboy Up 5405, epds CED 6 BW 2.0 WW 66 YW 114 Milk 114 to Promise Butte Ranch, Mobridge, SD at $12,000.

Lot 58, Richard Revive 8089 a 3/18 son of Wilks Revive 5214 with epds of CED 9 BW -0.8 WW 71 YW 128 Milk 20 to River Run Ranch, Medora, ND for $11,000.

Three bulls sold at $10,000 each

Lot 10, Richard Cowboy Up 8131, a 3/18 son of HA Cowboy Up to Jamey Adams, Medora, ND.

Lot 23, Richard Invasion 8074, a 3/18 son of Sitz Invasion 574D to Edgar Bros., Rockham, SD.

Lot 81, Richard Logic 8150, a 3/19 son of KB Logic 5120 to Promise Butte Ranch, Mobridge, SD.

The top draft of bred heifers sold at $1,900 each.


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