Schreiber: Call To Action – Cattlemen and Consumers |

Schreiber: Call To Action – Cattlemen and Consumers

Call To Action: Cattlemen and Consumers

In the last 6 months there has been a lot of attention given to our broken and dysfunctional cattle markets. We have had Congressional hearings; President Biden and Ag Secretary Vilsack have spoken to market concentration in the meat supply chain and the need for reform or penalty action. We have seen calls to the DOJ by Senator Rounds of South Dakota and Senator Tina Smith of Minnesota along with 26 other co-signers; Senators Grassley, Iowa and John Testor, Montana, continue to push S.949 (the 50-14 bill) to be heard in the Senate Ag committee; and 4 bi-partisan Senators: Thune, South Dakota; Rounds, South Dakota; Testor, Montana, and Booker New Jersey, introduced the American Beef Labeling Act S.2716 on September 13.

Bottom line is talk, congressional hearings and letters to DOJ make us producers feel good for the moment but what has come of any of our efforts so far? Zippo!! All this time the 4 big packers continue to reap record profits at the expense of American Cattlemen. We need legislative action immediately!! Producers need S.949 and S.2716 NOW. Won’t you join with me in putting pressure on Senator Michael Bennett and Senator John Hickenlooper from Colorado to help support these two bills and help save independent cattlemen and women in the USA. These bills would also help the American consumers. Please call our U.S. senators and ask for their help.

Senator Bennett, local number 303-455-7600 – DC office 202-224-5852

Hickenlooper local number 303-244-1628 – DC office 202-224-5941

Gerald Schreiber, President R-CALF USA


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