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Spickler Ranch North


TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Nov. 18, 2020

Location: at the Ranch Glenfield, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Roger Jacbos



122 Bulls averaged $6,315

25 Registered Bred Heifers $3,450

237 Commercial Bred Heifers $1,848

41 Commercial Bred Cows $1,879

We had a beautiful warm November day to be at Spickler Ranch North for the Bull and Female sale. Great offering of Bulls and Bred Females.

Lot 1 at $33,000 S ARCHITECT 9501 Dob 2-2-2019, Reg 19437622 SydGen Bluprint x S Blossom 7514, sold 50% Semen Interest to Genex Shawano,WI

Lot 7 at $21,000 S THRIVE 9702 Dob 2-17-2019, Reg 19437694 S Thrive JAS 5515 x S Bessie 5544, sold to Big Dry Angus Jordan, MT

Lot 49 at $12,000 S POWER POINT 9852 Dob 3-31-2019, Reg 19437738 S Power Point WS 5503 x S Lass 5775, sold to Ronald Johnson, SD

Top Selling Females, Lot 140 at $5,500 S QUEEN ESSA 9609 Dob 3-10-2019, Reg 19443404 Connealy Fortune x S Queen essa 5637, sold to Big Dry Angus Jordan, MT

Lot 147 at $5,000 S RUTH 9685 Dob 3-16-2019, Reg 19443426 SydGen Blueprint x S Ruth 5632, sold to Sydenstricker Genetics Mexico, MO

Gene and Tanner Harris
Beautiful November Day For a Bull and Female sale

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