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Wulf Cattle

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: April 16, 2019

Location: Sandy Ridge Ranch Atkinson, NE

Auctioneer: Sonny Booth and Ronn Cunningham


363 Total Bulls – $5,875

16 Limousin Two Year Old Bulls $8,781

8 Limousin Fall Bulls $5,750

195 Limousin Yearling Bulls $6,123

219 Limousin Bulls $6,304

16 Lim- Flex Two Year Old Bulls $5,469

49 Lim -Flex Fall Bulls $5,306

52 Lim – Flex Yearling Bulls $5,577

9 Angus Bulls $4,722

18 Angus Yearling Bulls $4,000

Open Heifers

22 Limousin Open Heifers $2,539

12 Lim- Flex Open Heifers $3,104

9 Angus Open Heifers $1,956

Top Selling Bulls

Lot 1 at $58,000, Wulfs Elsenhower 3616E, Dob 3-31-2018, Wolfs Billy The Kid K2334B, Limousin, sold to Wieczonek & MC Marketing Syndicate.

Lot 2 at $20,000, Wulfs Emprize 2424E, Dob 4-7-2018, Bieber Deep end Lim- Flex sold to Mangness Livestock Platteville, Co.

Lot 150 at $13,500, Wulfs Formula One H601F, Dob 1-2-2018, Runi Stetson 850S sold to Malouf Cattle CO, Mayer, AZ.

Lot 203 at $12,500, Wulfs Fiction, Dob 3-10-2018, Hunts Credentials 373C, Limousin sold to Bill Stoner Miamia, OK.

Lot 80 at $12,000, Wulfs Easy 007E, Dob 8-27-2017, Biebers Hard Drive Y120 sod to Chad Murphy Arlington, SD.

Top Selling Open Heifers

Lot 414 at $12,250, Wulfs Flana 8261F Lim-Flex, sold to Bryan Holly and Gracey Bail, Birch River, WV.

Lot 413 at $4,500, Wulfs Flomena Lim- Flex, sold to JD Folsom, Rexburg, ID

Lot 417 at $3,750, Wulfs Frappe 8524F Limousin sold to Joe Williams, Telford, TN

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