BHSS Stallion Row a showcase for outstanding breeders |

BHSS Stallion Row a showcase for outstanding breeders

A standing-room-only crowd watches as Tabitha Sigman, Hot Springs, SD, displays a stallion from Stallion Row at the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo participates in the Parade of Stallions. The program offers horse breeders the chance to showcase their best horses. Photo courtesy BHSS

One of the fastest-growing programs at the annual Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo® in Rapid City, SD, is Stallion Row, according to Ron Jeffries, Stock Show General Manager.

Twenty four of the nation’s top horse breeders, from as far away as Texas, made their way to Rapid City to show their magnificent breeding stallions. That’s up from 17 last year, and the breeders are pleased with what they call a constant stream of interested people with mares to breed.

Dick and Connie Baker of Lusk, WY, brought their Palomino, Guy’s Piece of the Pie. It’s their first time showing on Stallion Row. “We’ve sold horses here before, but this is the first time showing a stallion,” said Dick Baker. “This is a great way to showcase your stallions and we’ve had quite a bit of interest already.”

Brian and Robin Dangel of Colton, SD, exhibited their stallion, RN Smart Machacho. The horse is known for being a superior heading horse and is a six-time World Show qualifer in working cow, reining, heading and heeling.

“This is really good advertising. It’s a great way to meet people who have mares to breed,” said Robin Dangel. They’ve been to Stallion Row three times with the horse. “We were worried with hay prices being up. But we’re very pleased. Good horses still bring good prices.”

Walker Kleiner and John Anderson of Willow Creek Quarter Horses, Plainview, NE, brought two entries to Stallion Row this year. Kleiner, a ranch cowboy for most of his life, said working in the horse breeding business is new to him. He said Stallion Row helped create interest in WD Oakwood Frost, a horse that Kleiner said was an extraordinary all-around ranch horse.

Anderson said he was here with Ali Frost two years ago. “This is a lot better. We’ve had a steady flow of interested people, all day long.”


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