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Spickler Ranch South Annual Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens


Date of Sale: May 3, 2021


Location: at the Ranch Glenfield, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs


138 Angus Bulls – $5,966

25 Registered Heifers – $5,333

50 Commercial Heifers – $1,586

The Nathan and Emily Spickler family and crew offered a powerful set of Angus bulls to full sale ring of buyers.

Lot 3 at $17,000, S BOMBER 029, Dob 2-22-2020, Reg 19803348, Casino Bomber N33 x S Queen Essa 820, sold to Thompson Angus and Jeff Schneider, Kintyre, North Dakota.

Lot 10 at $16,000, S 316 CAPITALIST 0141, Dob 3-10-2020, Reg 19803316, LD Capitalist x S Camilla, sold to Glen Lennick, New Salem, North Dakota.

Lot 11 at $16,000 S COALITION 0256, Dob 3-19-2020, Reg 19803400, U-2 coalition 206C x S Cora 5290, sold to Hoffman Angus Farms , Wheatland, North Dakota.

Lot 15 at $15,000 S NIAGARA 0192, Dob 3-15-2020, Reg 19803827, SS Niagara Z29 x S Helress 1983, sold to Robert Math Whitewater, Montana.

Lot 20 at $15,000, S COALITION 008, Dob 2-17-2020, Reg 19803524, U-2 Coalition 206C x S Gloria 1146, sold to Verlynn Strommen, Dun Center, North Dakota.

Lot 52 at $15,000 S 316 CAPITALIST 030, Dob 2-23-2020, Reg 19823363, LD Capitalist 316 x S Elleemere 855, sold to M Diamond Angus Ranch, Glenrock, Wyoming.

Lot 66 at $15,000 S Niagara 0244, Dob 3-18-2020, Reg 19803833, SS Niagara Z29 x S Blossom 0278, sold to Bar H & L & C Langenburg, SK.

Top selling Female

Lot 213 at $12,500, S Queen Essa 0282, Dob 3-22-3030, Reg 19803692, S Cornerstone 607 x S Queen Essa 139, sold to Crimmins Angus & Crimmins McLusky, North Dakota.

John Halcrow
Bruce and Kaleb Rockers
Tyler Harstod and Kyle Johnson
Katie and Troy King
Glen and Travis Lennick


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