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FFA Regional Land Judging Winners Receive Scholarships

Bath (October, 2021) – The South Dakota FFA Foundation is proud to announce the recipients of four $100 scholarships for students placing first in one of the four SD Regional Land Evaluation Competitions this fall. 2020 scholarship recipients are: Rowdy Moore, Winner; Harlee Nielson, Hitchcock Tulare; Jack Brathland, Willow Lake; and Andrew Rick, West Central.

The scholarships are designed to encourage and reward students’ accomplishments in the field of land & soil management. Scholarships are made possible by a contribution to the SD FFA Foundation from the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition. “The South Dakota Soil Health Coalition is excited to be partnering with South Dakota FFA to help inform young people about the dramatic effect management has on water infiltration, microbial activity and production. The SDSHC continues to provide the soil health bucket to agriculture education departments departments which includes the needed tools and curriculum that assist teachers in educating their students about the importance of soil structure and health. We believe the future of agriculture depends on the next generation.” said Levi Neuharth, Chairman of the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition.

The SD FFA Land Judging contest, hosted by the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, SDSU Extension, SD conservation districts and the US Forest Service, is designed to emphasize the importance of soils and their limitations. Students evaluate soil texture, depth, past erosion, slope, and stoniness, estimate permeability and surface runoff, list the limiting properties, and determine the land capability class. They interpret their measurements to make intelligent land management practices, for both agricultural and urban uses. Many of the properties important for agricultural uses are also relevant for urban/rural uses, such as building, sewage systems, and lagoons. Students gain knowledge that will make them better agriculturalists, homeowners, and construction workers.

The South Dakota Soil Health Coalition is proud to support Agricultural Education and the FFA’s mission to make a difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. For more information about the South Dakota FFA Foundation and South Dakota’s FFA programs, visit http://www.sdffafoundation.org.

Harlee Nielson, Hitchcock Tulare
Rowdy Moore, Winner
Jack Bratland, Willow Lake
Andrew Rick, West Central

–South Dakota FFA

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