Green Mountain Angus Ranch |

Green Mountain Angus Ranch

The Green Mountain Angus Ranch sale was popular - every seat was full.

Date: Nov. 17, 2017

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs

Location: Ryegate, Montana

Reported by: Dixon Scott


215 Bull Calves – $6,698

9 Coming Two Year Old Bulls – $2,861

93 Commercial Bred Heifers – $1,761

Top Bulls

Lot 1 $21,000 to Joseph Angus Ranch, Winner, South Dakota; GMAR Payweight E001; 12/24/16; Basin Payweight 1682 x Sitz Upward 307R.

Lot 93 $20,000 to Mangen Angus Ranch, Broadus, Montana; GMAR Black Granite E720; 2/1/17; Connealy Black Granite x Connealy Confidence.

Lot 6 $19,000 to Mangen Angus Ranch; GMAR Payweight E063; 1/27/17; Basin Payweight 1682 x HA Image Maker.

Lot 9 $19,000 to Mangen Angus Ranch; GMAR Payweight E107; 1/30/17; Basin Payweight 1682 x KMK Alliance I87.

Lot 29 $16,000 to Bare Ranch, Reed Point, Montana; GMAR Payweight E204; 2/6/17; Basin Payweight 1682 x GAR Ultimate.

Lot 4 $15,000 to Darrell & Ralph Howard, Dunn Center, North Dakota; GMAR Payweight E008; 1/6/17; Basin Payweight 1682 x EXAR Denver.

Lot 34 $15,000 to Wild Eagle Mountain Ranch, Springdale, Montana; GMAR Special Duty E430; 3/1/17; Holder’s Special Duty x Sitz Upward.

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