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Six-Part Series: Drought-proof your Ranch

Ask a rancher how they reduce stress and improve their grazing and rangeland health, and they’ll quickly cite talking to other ranchers and attending grazing improvement events.

North Dakota sheep starter flocks announced

For the 14th year, North Dakota State University Extension and the North Dakota Lamb and Wool Producers Association offered North Dakota youth an opportunity to become involved in the sheep industry and build their own…

Plan Now to Purchase Your Hay Supplies

Hay production has been reported to be 50% of average or less in many areas of Nebraska. The U.S. hay supply is at a 50-year low (Table 1). Couple this information with rising costs (Figure…

Carbon pipeline causes concern

Farmers and ranchers are independent thinkers. When it comes to people seeking easements on their land to build a carbon capture pipeline, some agree. But others have questions they would like to see answered before…