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Jan Swan Wood, Freelance Contributor

    Born and raised on a ranch near Newell, South Dakota, I have spent my lifetime in the cattle and horse business. I’ve cowboyed in Wyoming, Nebraska, New Mexico, and South Dakota before settling down in my home country. I have slowed down on cowboying for others, though I still day work now and then. I have a grown son and two grandsons who are the sun, the moon and the stars to me. From my childhood I have drawn horses, cattle and other ranch subjects and started drawing cartoons when I was about eight years old. My “Outtagrass Cattle Company” cartoons are a fun outlet for my art and twisted sense of humor and appear weekly in Tri-State Livestock News. I have compiled two books, so far, of my cartoons and am planning a third. I am also a freelance writer for livestock publications and strive to write so that it feels as though I am having a conversation with the reader. I also enjoy photography, which goes nicely with the writing. My goal is to help to entertain, educate, and give food for thought to the reader.

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