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Wagonhammer Ranches Total Performance Production sale

TSLN Rep: Jake St. Amant
Date of Sale: March 15, 2023

Location: Albion, NE

Auctioneers: Charly Cummings and Ronn Cunningham


65 Older Angus Bulls Avg. $5,369
100 Yrlg. Angus Bulls Avg. $5,132
165 Total Angus Bulls Avg. $5,225
7 Open Angus Heifers Avg. $3,535
27 Charolais Bulls Avg. $3,833
2 Open Charolais Heifers Avg. $2,000
42 Simmental Bulls Avg. $6,018
2 Open Simmental Heifers Avg. $4,375

For the entire Wagonhammer Ranch crew and family the sale day was certainly a good one. Great weather on hand made it even better. The cattle for the offering consisted of Angus, Charolais and Simmental bulls and open heifers. These cattle were certainly filled with quality from each breed in the offering.

Top Bulls:
Lot 1 WAR Sandhills J904 Sired by Montana Grassland 9151 Sold for $13,500 to Kayton Brothers – Albion, NE

Lot 84 WAR Accomplished A027 K4002 Sired by Sitz Accomplishment 720F Sold for $12,500 to Todd Boettcher – Spencer, NE

Lot 39 WAR National A027 J4110 Sired by Connealy National 390C Sold for $12,00 to ADR Cattle Company – Roanoke, VA

Lot 169 WAR Exchange Rate K033 Sired by Styles Exchange Rate V661 Sold for $10,500 to Amen Angus – Iiiff, CO

Top Open Heifer:
Lot 253 WAR Erica E229 K4019 ET Sired by Sitz Accomplishment 720F Sold for $5,000 to Dodds Angus – Belgrade, NE

Lot 248 WAR Eisa Erica E316 K207 Sired by WAR Pywt’s Warwagon D502 Sold for $5,000 to Rus Farms Company – Pella, IA

Jay Wolf and Alex Wolf with Joe Epperly on the block as the sale get underway.